DIY Painted Canvas with Wood Lettering

2 Nov Completed project

I love to pin…no seriously…I love to pin.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’d like to introduce you to your new obsession that you can add to Facebook stalking and celebrity gossip sites. The only difference about ‘pinning’ is that you can actually learn and hopefully implement ‘pins’ into your life.


You can find my personal pin findings here… SashiWashi on Pinterest

Moving on…this project was inspired by a pin from Gorgeous Graffiti ‘a teensey- weensey design studio based in Scotland with an enviable reputation for unique and elegant contemporary wall art.’ See below for a great example of their work.

Personalize Canvas

When I saw that I instantly thought…”Can I make that?…I CAN make that!” I started thinking about favorite quotes and sayings and the one I picked is from my all time top fave movie ‘500 Days of Summer’   – ‘I Love Us’

You can catch a clip of the scene here…

I got to work – pulled out a canvas from my art supplies and started crafting.


  • any size canvas
  • glue
  • wood letters (make sure to size them out on canvas before buying)
  • Favorite paint color – I used Martha Stewart Crafts’ new line of Multi Purpose Arcylic Craft Paint in Aquarium Pearl
  • Optional – If you want to make a certain word or symbol stand out, you can chose a contrasting color like I did.

Supplies Collage

Step 1 – Paint Canvas

Paint your canvas one color. I had to paint the canvas 4 times with the Martha Stewart craft paint to get a good pearl sheen.

Step 2 – Paint Wood Letters/Symbols

Paint the wood letters the same color as you did with the canvas. *Optional – I wanted replace the word ‘Love’ with the symbol of a heart and chose to paint the heart a deep rose/pink color.

Step 3 – Assemble

Once the canvas and wood letters have completely dried, place the wood letters on the canvas and start gluing!

Step 4- Display

Now that your project is done – put your beautiful artwork on display. I chose to put my piece on our bedroom dresser.

Completed project

It is a very simple project that turns your favorite song lyric, movie quote, or saying into a piece of art work that holds sentimental value. You can keep it simple or get creative – the possibilities are endless!

**Post your favorite quote that you would like to turn into a canvas!**

If you end up completing the project please email me pictures at! I love hearing from readers =)